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Handibond Super Glue products.
Handibond - Thin adhesive Super Glue.

Handibond Thin

A fast bonding Super Glue Product with a set time of 2-5 seconds. Ideal for those applications where speed is essential. Our Thin provides ultra high speed bonding of wood, plastics, rubber, fiberglass and other common substrates. Recommended for use on close fitting parts and smooth, even surfaces. Excellent as a wicking adhesive glue product on pre-assembled parts.

Handibond - Medium adhesive Super Glue.

Handibond Medium

A cyanoacrylate Super Glue Product with a low viscosity, fast curing adhesive that can be used for any type of fastening job. Handibond Medium Super Glue is the most versatile glue of our line. Just thick enough so it won't run off and will stay where you want it. Thin enough so it can be spread easily. A set time of 3-8 seconds, for a thin film still allows some adjustment. Thicker applications will take longer to set giving more time, average 5-10 seconds. Great glue product for hard to bond substrates like wood, balsa, plastic, ceramic, metal any repair and craft job.

Handibond - Thick adhesive Super Glue.

Handibond Thick

A cyanocrylate Super Glue adhesive product with a high viscosity and excellent gap filling capabilities. It relies less on surface moisture for cure speed than standard cyanoacrylates. Handibond Thick Super Glue is ideal for bonding porous and uneven surfaces. It can be applied on a vertical surface with minimal running. With a set time of 15-25 seconds, there is time for adjustments. Faster set time can be done with Handibond Super Glue Accelerator. Great for wood, rubber, metals, cardboard, veneer, fabric, cork and leather.

Handibond - Gel adhesive Super Glue

Handibond Gel

A glue product that can be used for bonding poorly mating components and for porous substrates such as china and other ceramics. A favorite of aquarium makers for bonding coral to rocks. Can be used on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. Many craft uses bonding wood, cardboard, veneer, fabric, cork and some foams.

Handibond - Super Glue Accelerator

Handibond Accelerator

Designed to work with Handibond cyanoacrylate Super Glue adhesives products to speed up the setting process when a faster setting time is necessary. A small quantity of Handibond Accelerator will set the adhesive in just seconds. Handibond Accelerator will prevent the adhesive being absorbed by a porous surface or run out from the gaps between parts. Recommended combined usage with Handibond cyanoacrylate Super Glue adhesives products only.

Handibond - Super Glue Debonder.

Handibond Debonder

A must have for unsticking your fingers from each other, removing CA Super Glue spots from surfaces and dissolving cured glue product joints. We have heard that it is even a good paint remover for plastic parts - although we haven't tried it yet.

Handibond Krazy Glue products.

Handibond Super Glue Adhesives

Handibond Super Glue Adhesives products are a great fast glue and is great for applications for wood working, glass work and metal bonding. We have opened our on-line store for those that do not have a local dealer or just like the ease of shopping online. We offer our most requested line of CA Super glues for hobby and craft uses. Whether you only need one bottle or the whole line of Handibond adhesives, you can order them from Handibond in the quanities required.

Wholesale Super Glue products prices remain at the 2009 level and we make it easy to become dealer of Handibond cyanocrylate Super Glue products and Debonder. If you would like to become a dealer for Handibond, please contact us and we will go over your needs and our simple requirements to join us.


All of our glue products are guaranteed! Should any damage in shipping or thickening occur within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.


We offer discounts to wholesale customers and on large "one time" purchases, for clubs and Special Events.
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